Steakhouse Chesa

Swiss Italian Restaurant


For any occasion

Welcome to Chesa Teretschen Steakhouse, where Swiss and Italian flavours combine to create an exceptional dining experience for any occasion.

Our menu features incredible steaks prepared using Alfredo's ultimate steak preparation method, which guarantees tender, juicy meat with a delicious crust. Our high heat grill creates equally impressive seafood specialities.

Our menu celebrates the flavours of these destinations, from Steaks to Swiss traditions and Italian favourites. Don't miss our delicious Appetizers, perfectly cooked Pasta, traditional Neapolitan Pizzas and mouth-watering Desserts. Join us for a unique culinary adventure at the Chesa Teretschen Steakhouse Swiss Italian Restaurant.


Welcome to Chesa Teretschen Steakhouse, where you'll find great steaks and a fusion of Valaisan, Swiss and Italian specialities.

Try our famous Alfredo's Ultimate Steak for juicy, tangy cuts. Discover traditional Valaisan dishes and vibrant Italian cuisine. Indulge in starters, soups, stews and our delicious Italian-Swiss desserts.

Experience with us the best of Italian and Swiss culinary traditions.